The Stoned Crows are a 1960s Rhythm & Blues inspired band who have combined the best elements of The Yardbirds, Dr Feelgood, and The Clash, with the excitement generated by the live performances of the early Stones and The Doors - music that shaped culture and whose influence is still felt by young people today.
Still all aged under 21, The Stoned Crows have developed a unique, jet-fuelled Rock N Roll sound with matching energy and attitude. In every scream and string-bend, it is clear to see that the mythology of the sixties teen anti-hero is still at large.
The Crows are not just attempting to revive the past, but revolutionise the genre and lead it  into an exciting alternate reality for the 21st century world.
Rock N Roll is here to stay, it will NEVER go away!


Down the Front media
"Their own blend of rock and roll and rhythm and blues with a bit of a punk-edge– think Dr. Feelgood meets The Rolling Stones with a dash of The Clash".

“This young band played a blistering set that would put many established bands to shame. Professional, polished and as tight as a tourniquet”.

Rockshot Mag
"Filled with attitude and energy, they deliver their music like a slap in the face. Some people say rock’n’roll is dead and buried, but The Stoned Crows will prove you wrong and will do so in under a minute".

Sound Of Britain
"What they do is extremely good, it's different" 

  Frontman & Guitarist - Keaton Smout    
Guitarist - Ron Sebastian    
Bassist - Harry Chard     
Drummer - Bernie Zakaras
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by The Stoned Crows